About us


Transcarpation regional center for social and labor rehabilitation and professional orientation „Vybir“ („Choice“) was founded in 2001, December,17.

Center’s mission is integration of Transcarpathia region disabled into the society.

Center „Vybir“ works on the program „Integration“ for disabled professional rehabilitation.

The goal and main objectives of the program „Integration“ are to protect the disabled people legal rights and interests for education, employment, social assistance as well as for medical,psycological and legal assistance through the implementation of activities in the sphere of medical and social assistance, educational, labour and physical rehabilitation

Center„Vybir“carries out two projects:

  • Project “Oriyentir-2020” (“Guide 2020”) supported by Transcarpathian councel within the framework of regional social program “Turbota” (“Care”)
  • Project “Improving health care services in social facilities” (Project akronim – “Social healthсare” with financial support of ENI cross-border cooperation program Hungary-Slovakia-Romania -Ukraine in 2014-2020. The partners in this project are the Koshice self-governing region, Slovakia and Department for the International Cooperation and Innovation of Uzhgorod city council.

Within the framework of these projects the following activities is taking place:

  • Providing information and consultations.
  • Establishing and renovation of data base.
  • Providing social and psycological assistance and support.
  • Educational activities on the opportunities and problems for disabled people via conducting trainings, seminars, round table discussions, conferences.
  • Conducting sociological research.
  • Monitoring of the availability of the environment within the framework of the Program for establishing available environment “Transcarpathia without barriers”.
  • Organization and participation in sports competitions and recreational activities.
  • Visiting the disabled at the places of their residence.
  • Preperation and publication of information sheets, methodical. manuals,information bulletins, motivational photos and videos.
  • Leisure organization and involving disabled into physical activities.

As a result of implementing adaptive and integration measures of the programs the number of young disabled with active life position and desire to became full-fledged members of the society will increase.This will change the stereotypes as to disabled posibilities. Successful implementation of the projects will promote further social adaptation and rehabilitation of the Karpathian disabled.

Having equal posibilities to acieve the goal, analysing the current state, appreciating truly all the posibilities, radically changing the mode of life, we will get a chance to realize our abilities.